“As for God, His way is perfect.”  Psalm 18:30

I like people with crooked teeth.  I enjoy being around women who don’t have a totally “put together” look.  I love my friends who have a few gray hairs and a few extra pounds.  It must be hard to be perfect – it just isn’t my thing. 

That’s why I didn’t mind when Christina Aguilera made a little mistake when singing the National Anthem at the Superbowl.  My goodness, how would any of us do singing a solo in front of 107.5 million people?  In ridiculously high heels, no less?  But this is what poor Christina faced before she even got “home of the brave” out of her mouth:

Christina Aguilera “mangled”, “botched”,  “goofed up”, made a “major mistake”, was a “disaster”, and “screwed up in the worst way”.  Those words must have made her mom mad.  I would have been. 

My younger daughter once sang the National Anthem at a high school football game.  When she finished, there was the usual applause that translated, “Let’s get this game started.”  But my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Wasn’t she great?!  She got a standing ovation!”  Never mind that everybody always stands up for the Star Spangled Banner and the clapping wasn’t really for her so much as for the team running out onto the field.  As parents we tend to see things differently, I guess.  It’s our right.

Mistakes are refreshing, in my book.  Goof ups are endearing.  I hope Christina blew it off.  I hope her mom told her not to listen to all that talk.  I hope we all face the fact that nobody’s perfect, except God. 

He is God and I am not.  What a relief.

One thought on “Perfection

  1. Loved to read this post today — I really put my foot in my mouth this morning. Foot in mouth disease; not something you’ll find in a medical journal. lol Sometimes I feel like everyone would be so much better off if I’d just keep my mouth shut. I loved the reminder that less than perfect is perfectly acceptable. 🙂

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