Super-duper Packers!

Well, I can’t pass up this chance to jump up and down and squeal a few “Yay’s” on behalf of my Green Bay Packers!  There’s nothing more fun in the sports world than being a fan of a championship team!

The Pack and I go way back.  I was conceived the same month Vince Lombardi was hired as head coach in Green Bay.  On the day of my birth, first year coach Lombardi and quarterback Bart Starr lost to the New York Giants 20-3.  I waited to make my enterance until after the game was over.  I was six years old when the Packers won Superbowl I.  All I remember is my grandma dozing in the rocking chair and jumping every time my brothers yelled.

When my oldest son entered 7th grade, I became a serious sports fan.  I realized that if I wanted conversation with my pre-teen it was going to have to be about sports, so I read the sports page every day to educate myself.  Our communication revolved around batting averages and ERAs, but, hey, it was conversation. 

And how we loved the glory years with Reggie White and that other guy….Brent somebody.  Yah, his picture came off the refrigerator when he committed football adultry and broke our hearts.  We’re still working through it, obviously. 

But today is a new day for Packer fans!  We have a new picture on our refrigerator and a Lombardi trophy is on its way to Wisconsin! 

*jumping up and down*   Yay!!!  *jumping up and down*

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