Don’t Forget Your Parachute

The other morning, the 5:30 a.m. alarm set off a debate.  It went something like this:

Flesh:  Go ahead and stay in bed for another half hour.  You deserve it.  Besides, it’s still dark, and outside this nice comforter it’s c-c-c-cold.

Spirit:  But I need this time with God. 

Flesh:  You can get time with God later today.  Just nestle down in this warm, soft bed and sleep a little longer.

Spirit:  But I really like to start my day off right with prayer and devos.

Flesh:  Well, you can pray while you’re in bed, can’t you?   Take another fifteen minutes.  It won’t matter that much. 

Then, just as I was beginning to drift into dreamland, a picture burst onto the theater screen of my mind.  I was in an airplane, about to jump (only in my dreams!) and the pilot turned around and said, “Don’t jump without your parachute.”  “Of course,” I thought, “how stupid of me.”  Fully awake, I got up and hustled into the other room.  Flesh almost talked me into jumping into the day without my parachute. 

The Lord upholds all those who fall… Psalm 145:14

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