Some people collect knick-knacks like tea cups and shot glasses.  Others gather fishing lures and baseball cards.  None of those types of things interest me.  Instead, I am a collector of ideas. During this dark and cold time of year, when Christmas decorations are put away and the wind chill is -10 degrees, I go to my endless file folders and peruse my collection of ideas. 

There’s a folder of decorating plans: fabulous pictures of designer homes along with simple ideas for organizing  junk drawers and such. 

 Another folder holds exercise workouts and articles on health and fitness; that one’s rather skinny; go figure! 

Then there’s a thick one that contains lists of book titles that were recommended or I heard about from somewhere. 


Even thicker is a file of craft and sewing ideas.  Actually, I needed to transfer those to a box a few years ago; but all the patterns are organized by file folder according to specific types.  File folders just make me happy, I guess. 


I have a writing file where stories I’ve started, writing prompts, and every “Quotable Quotes” page from Reader’s Digest’s last 10 years are tucked. 

 By far the mother lode of all is the recipe file, which has grown to several boxes.

I realize that the purpose of such a magnificent collection is to spur one on to actually take action; to knit that scarf, cook that dish, read that book, do those exercises.  But in the doldrums of winter, sometimes the ideas themselves are enough entertainment for me.  I like thinking about creativity almost more than being creative.   

 I wonder what will happen to my collection someday.  Oh, how I hope it falls into the hands of someone who will be inspired to create beautiful things.  In the meantime, I’m considering picking one idea each week….. well, maybe one each month, to pull out of the file and bring to life.  I’ll let you know when I’m done thinking about it….

2 thoughts on “Collector

  1. lol If I didn’t know you I might believe you are more organized than creative — instead, I think you have a nice balance going on. 🙂 (This did bring up memories of one child who would organize the Legos as opposedo one who would PLAY with them all mixed up.) Just the simple title of this blog, though, combined with our amazing blessings today, left me wondering if it would be appropriate to say God had a “collection” of people. Of course He doesn’t sort them and put them away in boxes, but He certainly uses them creatively. This morning Jordan Baeseman gave the sermon (actually he gave all three – combined with services that included youth in skits and other roles) and this afternoon we attended Karen Sparling’s ordination. Wow.

    Thanks for writing! 🙂


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