A Snowy Sunday

As a pastor’s wife for 25 years, I can’t remember ever sleeping in on a Sunday morning.  “Should I go to church today or not?” never enters the thought process.  For me, a Sunday without church is like Thanksgiving dinner without turkey, the 4th of July without fireworks, a peanut butter and apple sandwich without the apples.  That’s why yesterday seemed so weird.  Something was missing all day.

The midwest was hit with a winter storm Saturday night, complete with blizzard warnings in our area.  For the first storm of the season, it was a real doozy.  Snow piled up all night and by morning nobody was going anywhere.  So instead of getting up and going over to church, like every other Sunday morning, I lolled about in my pjs.  Instead of turning the lights on in all the Sunday school rooms, putting out the attendance folders, unlocking the basement enterance, welcoming the kids, running a Christmas program rehearsal, warming up praise band, and playing piano……

I sat in front of the fire and read the Christmas story, sang a few hymns, said a few prayers.  I liked it.  I could worship like that….. once every 25 years or so.  But I just love being with my friends at church on Sunday mornings, so that’s where I’ll be next week, Lord willing.

 I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.” Psalm 122:1

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