Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

I gave birth to four babies, one at a time, over eight years.  Two were snugglers, one was a wiggler and the other was a snuggler/wiggler combo.  When I wanted a sweet-baby-cuddle, the wiggler would do that back-arching thing and constantly be moving, shifting, reaching, squirming.  We had hugs and kisses, to be sure; but long rock-a-byes weren’t on this child’s agenda.  The world was too interesting and stimulating to sit long.  However, occasionally there was an owie, or a fever, or a broken arm.  Then, the wiggler would settle in on my lap and succomb to snuggles.  Wigglers sometimes have to be forced to snuggle.

I’ve been wiggling too much lately.  God has graciously invited me to run into His arms, which I have done day after day, over and over.  But I’m hard to hold; I arch my back and jostle and churn.  Unlike the wiggles of a little one who is just on the go, mine is a restless, agitated motion that can’t seem to come to rest in the Loving Arms until I’ve worn myself out with some inner commotion.  Inevitably, a painful situation (owie), or a heated conversation (fever), or a fractured relationship (broken arm) will sap my strength enough to halt the fussing.  Sometimes I have to be forced to rest.  But, oh, to learn to lean on the Everlasting Arms without all the wiggling.

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