Be Still

It’s been quiet on here for a couple weeks. I’ve been taking a crash course on “being still”. Actually, the first week was the opposite of still: hurried, harried, anxious, overwhelmed, unbalanced, uneasy. Then came the lesson: be still.

The word “still” in Hebrew means to sink, relax, sink down, let drop, let go. This is reflected in how different versions interpret the phrase.

“Cease striving.” (NAS)

“Let be and be still.” (AMP)

“Calm down.” (CEV)

“Let go of your concerns.” (GWT)

“Desist.” (YLT)

“Step out of the traffic.” (Message)

“Sit down and shut up awhile.” (DPR) (See previous post)

Here’s what I am learning.

Be – not “do” still. I can do still. I can make myself sit down, take a breath and appear to be calm. But be still? That means the stillness is in my very being and what appears on the outside is a true reflection of the calmness on the inside.

Still – quiet and motionless; a time-out from noise, media, frenzied activity.

And – The Psalmist doesn’t just say “Be still” period. There’s a reason and a purpose for the stillness.

Know – The stillness allows for a knowing. I need clarity, understanding, divine revelation. That’s just not attainable outside of some stillness.

That – There’s something specific that I really need to know…

I – That’s God speaking.  He’s saying, “I, not you, I…”

Am – Not was, not will be, but I AM presently…

God – Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, Provider, Healer, and on and on. (One website lists 625 names for God.) I get the point – there is nothing outside the realm of His reign. I need to know that. I need to slow down enough and quiet down enough to receive that truth.

Be still, and know that I am God. Be still, and know that I am God.

Be still, and listen for His voice.

Be still.

When You speak I want to hear, when You whisper in my ear,

Lord, help me to draw near and be still.

2 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. I love the way you do that, Dinah….now one of my favorite verses has even deeper meaning “still”. Get it? I’m so serious, though:)

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