VBS Week

Remember Camp Week?  (June 21 post)  Well, now it’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) Week and the rules all change.  No more no-laundry-no-cooking-sit-on-the-deck-reading-magazines nonsense.  This is my week to throw an all-out party for 60 kiddos for four straight nights.  So the rules are:

1) Don’t even think about blogging.

2) Remember why I am doing the VBS thing:  One day, when one of our little 1st graders is sitting in her college dorm room and her roommate brings up the topic of religion and how boring and stupid church is, I want our little 1st grader to say someday, “MY church wasn’t boring at all!  I had great times growing up in my church.  Our church loved kids and had a huge impact on my faith.”

Amen sister.  Back to the party.

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