Green Smoothies

My boys have become men: they drink green smoothies.  This is truly revolutionary.

I tried for years to get my kids to eat healthy foods.  When they were little I never bought sugary cereal, hardly ever had soda in the house, and was able to sneak all manner of pureed vegetables into spaghetti sauce.   My husband and I went to great lengths to make it fun to eat green beans.  While sitting at the supper table, I would distract everyone while my hubby would stick a string bean in his ear.  It wasn’t long until a squeal would announce that, once again, green beans were growing out of dad’s ear!  Somehow the possibility of vegetables growing out of their ears made it enticing to down the pile of beans on their plates.

So what makes a young man (who at one time showered his momma with his mouthful of green Gerber baby food) drink a green smoothie?  What possesses a boy to go and buy a bag of spinach, put it in a blender and drink it?  Well, actually, he throws in a banana or a kiwi, but it is green as green can be.  It looks strangely like the Gerber version.  It looks gross.

As the kids grew, I gradually gave in to providing all the junk food their hearts desired.  But the winds of change are blowing.  The days of chocolate cereal and endless frozen pizzas may be coming to an end.  The bags of chili corn chips and microwave mac and cheese may be no more.  My boys have become health conscious, and oddly enough, I am disgusted by the green goo they guzzle.  Pass me that bag of chips.

One thought on “Green Smoothies

  1. LOVE this. I was actually thinking the same thing this weekend. When Katie and I got to Sam’s place I immediately went into the kitchen expecting to find the frozen pizzas and Easy Mac. Instead I found… fresh produce. Shocking.

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